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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

iPad or not iPad?

Well, I've trialled an iPad for a week in my Junior Prep classes. I started off being very sceptical. It was neither ultra-portable (like my Desire HD) nor super powerful (like my MacBook Pro). I figured that if I had to carry something around then it needed to be able to do EVERYTHING, and if it couldn't sing and dance then it needed to be small enough to fit in my pocket.

Well, after a week of putting the iPad in the hands of my pupils, or carrying it with me while I worked the room, making notes as I went, I have to say I was fully convinced that the iPad was both portable ENOUGH, and powerful ENOUGH, to be worth a more thorough trial.

In September I hope to start a proper trial, and I will record my thoughts here. In the meantime I am preparing the way, listening to people who have tried this technology already: some with success, others with disappointment. Anything I find I'll pop up here.

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